Sunday, September 20, 2015

Welcome - Weekend Writing Warriors

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, a blog hop where writers share small excerpts of their work. I begin today with Carnal Innocence where Callie, raised in a Think Tank superstructure, narrowly escapes with the help of two men. Of of which gives his life so that she can be free.

Carnal Innocence
     Long sleeves failed to thwart the effect of icy crystals intent on covering her. The deep shiver originated from equal parts emotional and physical parentage.
     “Whatever happens, don’t look back, and don’t hesitate regardless of what you hear.”
     A rearward glance revealed the frosty night breeze glazing the sheen of sweat on Jake’s forehead to a cold luster. The steel in his gaze matched the resolve in his harsh whisper.
     An impressive first snowfall whirled its frozen burden in quarter-sized swirling flakes, creating a misty veil camouflage for their escape. Thick, quivering Camellia leaves further crippled her scrutiny of the facility’s front.
     A mind for facts and logic hampered her ability to incorporate or balance the chaotic pandemonium swirling in her head just as snow-laden whirlwinds hindered her view. If she wasn’t such a concrete thinker regarding things such as karma or kismet as hogwash, perhaps she’d see things differently. But this was her world.

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  1. And so the first thing she does IS look back! Very descriptive excerpt, liked your portrayal of her state of mind.

  2. Intriguing beginning, Reily. It made lots of questions form in my mind--which is good for authors. :-)

    I think the comments might be easier to read if you switched the font to a light color, or put them in white boxes like your post. :-)

    Welcome to wewriwa!