Saturday, September 24, 2016

Welcome to the 160th week of My Sexy Saturday. 
 This week’s theme is Sexy Has Its Way. 

 Journey To Dawn. Step One, Breathe

Abrielle never thought of herself as a statistic until her idyllic life shattered one night in a dark and frozen alley, replaced with anger and shame. Assaulted and discarded to the street’s detritus, she flees the city in an attempt to outrun the horror and pain of humiliation.
 Through the nightmares and jumping at every shadow, life continues to deliver firsthand lessons. The recovery process is not a linear transition, but fraught with triggers and mental mine fields she must navigate to restore a semblance of normal life.

“Considering your thoroughness, you probably know what brand of kibble I feed Crystal.”
Finn just grinned. “The same food we give Lexus. We knew you’d do your homework and only feed the best. We got Lexus more for security for you when you returned, whereas Crystal is your therapy.” Morgan adjusted his collar, the only outward sign of uncertainty.
A sanguine comfort emerged from her shadowed world in realizing she’d always had a security blanket of sorts, even if she hadn’t known about it. Finn’s computer skills had always been top notch, and now he’d put them to good use and gained independence. Unlike her, he’d earned his.
Neither man remarked when she pushed the rest of her food aside, unable to tolerate any more. They really had changed, respecting her need for control and tolerances in moderating her life.
“We’ll drop Finn off to collect your car so it’s not sitting at the office overnight.” Morgan stood and held out his hand, waiting patiently. “Tell me, give me a sign that you don’t feel safe and I’ll back off.”
She could either reject the offer and remain secluded in her hellish world of shadows and anxiety, or accept Morgan’s strength and take another step forward in her confusing life. He was giving her a choice, not demanding, just waiting.
The warmth of his fingers spread to strengthen each muscle fiber in a way known only between lovers. His dominance, though a part of him, didn’t instill fear or force a retreat. It was more of a comfort to know his strength would protect her at all costs. She should never have run. On the other hand, could she step back into a relationship? That concept was something her counselor had encouraged her to explore or at least consider, even if it was nonsexual. She wasn’t prepared for old longings to sweep her away.
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