Monday, December 29, 2014

That Voice!

 Where does that author’s voice come from?
 In the beginning…
 At one point in time, many people dream of being an author. The difference between those that want and those that are—persistence. Regardless of where you are in your journey, I believe we all share some common situations. How many times have we sat and looked at our computer like it should have the answer to our question—why won’t the words come? Maybe we need to take a short break and go play with a furbaby, take a walk, etc. Maybe we just need take a blank page and start typing until something makes sense. Know this- the words are there, sometimes deep inside, waiting to be tapped. Inspiration Doesn’t matter if it comes from the dark and dust corners of your mind, the quiet words of Poe, or the boisterous energy of Eric Thomas. Give it the time and energy to fly.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Getting started

And here you have it, a chance for the younger folks who grew up using computers to have a good solid laugh. For the older folks who fumble around the keyboard, well commiseration is appreciated. Today marks the release of my first book, Carnal Beginnings through Extasy Books. Listed as erotic romance, it cronicles Adara's journey from orphaned status living under the thumb of her sadistic and perverted uncle and cousin to her budding relationship with Julien, an ex Special Forces private investigator. Of course - we can't live on romance alone, she has to survive the psychopathic stalker as well as the family after her inheritance. As a private investigator and a sexual dominant, Julien's greatest desire is to set Adara free, both physicaly from her family, and emotionally from her bagage, all the while protecting her from a well-funded stalker. Trust is earned with time and patience. Julien knows he must earn Adara's trust in order to help her. Will she trust him enough to experiment with what she considers the dark side of romance?