Monday, December 29, 2014

That Voice!

 Where does that author’s voice come from?
 In the beginning…
 At one point in time, many people dream of being an author. The difference between those that want and those that are—persistence. Regardless of where you are in your journey, I believe we all share some common situations. How many times have we sat and looked at our computer like it should have the answer to our question—why won’t the words come? Maybe we need to take a short break and go play with a furbaby, take a walk, etc. Maybe we just need take a blank page and start typing until something makes sense. Know this- the words are there, sometimes deep inside, waiting to be tapped. Inspiration Doesn’t matter if it comes from the dark and dust corners of your mind, the quiet words of Poe, or the boisterous energy of Eric Thomas. Give it the time and energy to fly.
Sometimes it may strike and have you writing on the other side of midnight, or perhaps reaching for a voice recorder at 3 a.m. so you can capture your thoughts for later. As long as you encourage and not subdue it, you’re moving in the right direction. Reality It bites us all in the butt at some time or another. The path we map out in our minds and what occurs are usually variations of fate’s master theme. Yeah—life happens while you’re making your plans. Maybe what we’re supposed to take from that is this: Learn to stay the course, wherever it may lead. Go with the flow while you learn to navigate the wrinkles in your road. Develop the perseverance to keep your goals in sight. They’ll take shape along the way as life tosses us each of its obstacles. Encouragement I have found (in the short time I’ve been at this), that there are those who encourage, with thoughts or action, and there are those that will tear you down if you let them. Listen to the former. These folks are out there. Yeah, they really are. These are the people you’d want to call friend. Connect with them and your life will be richer. Not just in writing, but on a personal level too. Along the way, you are sure to run into those that would cut you down. Whether from jealousy or just plain spite, doesn't matter. Walk away. Nothing good comes from engaging them. I’ve run afoul of one who would’ve destroyed my career before I ever got published. Unfortunately, I didn’t know enough about the business at the time to realize I was being jerked around. This went on for a good while. Fortunately for me, I also ran across a publisher who liked my work. Bingo! Not fighting back isn’t the same as running away. When you don’t understand the rules of the game, you don’t know how to navigate the mindfields (yes), present. Let it go. The day may come and someone confronts you directly. You may have no choice but to come out swinging. Then—go for it. Till then, learn your trade. Help others along the way. There are always people who are smarter and know more, learn from them. Then there are those whom you can teach what little you know or lend support however possible. Do it. Daily, I talk online with other writers who have much more experience, better articulate their ideas and seem more put together. One, in particular, Charley Daveler, impressed me with her unique outlook toward career and talking with the public. Both on blog and Facebook, this is the point of view I'd like to see in others. Sometimes I can and sometimes not. We’re not playing musical chairs with a limited number of readers. You can find much joy sharing your knowledge. Understand it will come back to you, in some form or another.

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