Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Sexy Saturday

This week's My Sexy Saturday theme is all about Halloween and paranormal romance.
 Enter the world of the Amazon Rainforest where man is not an Apex predator.

     Twenty-four hours ago, Brielle stood helpless while an intruder murdered her mother. After fleeing to the Amazon rainforest, she struggles to stay one step ahead of the psychopath searching for the crystal she wears, her birthright.
     As guardian of the biological hotspot, Tigao guards the maze of rivers, swamps, and forests from those who would rape and plunder his land for its wealth of minerals, trees, and wildlife. The compulsion to protect the foreign, blonde-haired enigma rescued from a poacher leads him face-to-face with a sociopath who's perfected a designer bacterium set to create a world where chaos reigns—under his leadership.


     “Run! For God’s sake, run. There’s a swarm of army ants…”   After a quick inhale, she struggled through the tent opening on bruised hands and skinned knees, hands and feet still bound.
Another fast breath and she stood, naked, on shaky legs.
     The soothing rain washed the air clean, even as it drizzled down her face to slide over the slope of her breasts to the valley between. Goose bumps raised along her arms and shoulders, cooled by the slight breeze.
     Air exploded from her lungs, taking sanity with it in one loud whoosh. Her teeth rattled as she dropped to her butt, shocked speechless, breathless.
     Thousands, millions of ants had parted for and surrounded Tiago.
In mesmerized horror, she watched the insect army’s destruction of all vegetation in its path, on either side of the man who walked between their ranks. From her mother’s teachings, she remembered they generally traveled in either some type of fan wave or even a line, but never alongside a human being.  
    He isn’t human. The thought came unbidden in a moment of blind inspiration, along with the realization that no one would live to tell his secret.
     The iridescent shimmer surrounding him brightened to near-blinding intensity in the following heartbeats, adding a fluency to his predatory grace. Does it originate from the pendant he wears?
     Even with his glowing form and the distance between them, the heat in his gaze reminded her that she wore no clothes. Yet, from him, the warmth curled inside to stir the same excitement she felt with his touch on her forehead.