Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Help comes in many forms

     Sometimes it's a loan or a helping hand. It may just be a smile when you need it most. If the latter, what is the cost to the one that provides it? At some point in time, if we live long enough, we will be betrayed, let down, or outright stomped by another. And for what purpose? Money? A short ego boost for one's flailing psyche? How we react defines our character.
     On the other hand, not many will deny the warmth and comfort received from a beloved pet cuddled by your feet or on you lap. I'm not suggesting we forgo human contact. Actually,  not only do people who own dogs have  less obesity (taking their dogs for regular walks), but our exercise buddy can encourage social interaction. Regardless of the type, a dog is a conversation waiting to happen. A conversation not having to relate to work, marriage, or any stressful event.