Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Sexy Saturday#85

This week's post is how lovers talk to each other.

Communication comes in many forms. I think in some cases the most detailed comes in the form of nonverbal, especially between lovers.
In Carnal Beginnings, Adara's spent six years tortured and degraded, at the hands of her uncle and cousin. By the time she comes of age and sets herself free, her heart is no longer free to love.
Julien, her boss, reads the signs of her abuse in her body language and is determined to help her learn to love and experience life to the fullest. 

Carnal Beginnings

Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Sexy Saturday # 82


This weeks post is all about the kiss. The one that changed your outlook and your world.
This week I'm sharing a moment in time of Adara's and Julien's world as part of My Sexy Saturday's promotion.

 Carnal Beginnings

     Without warning, he draped the lingerie over the rack and gathered Adara in his arms. His kiss, intended as much for the predator as Adara, backfired. The second he touched her, everything else around him dissipated. Only Adara mattered. His tongue tangled with hers and demanded she open for him. With one hand cradling her head, he let the other slide down her spine to cup her bottom. On a swallowed sigh, she went lax in his arms.