Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Sexy Saturday

This week's theme is all about how the romance begins.

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Twenty-four hours ago, Brielle stood helpless as an intruder murdered her mother. Her struggle to stay ahead of the psychopathic stalker seeking her DNA and birthright necessitates she flee her glass and concrete jungle.
 Tiago, an immortal challenged with protecting all within his domain, faces a genius adversary who has created a genetically-specific bacteria and needs only the crystal worn by a foreigner to wreak havoc on the world.
Two strangers must learn to trust and work together in order to save the ones they love.
An exciting blend of action, adventure, and romance between a man not looking for love and a woman trying to survive.

“Brielle. My name is Brielle.” She wanted to hear him say her name in that low and husky voice while his gaze pulled all the heat from within to spread across her skin.
“Brielle, I will heal you, then we will talk.” With a slow, methodical precision, he covered each wound until healed.
Talk? Definitely not on her mind. Oh God. Was he going to send her away again? Gazing down, anywhere but at his face, hid her brimming eyes from his probing gaze.
 When her gaze met his, it immediately dropped to his mouth, a safer zone, or so she'd thought. His lips, sculpted for kissing, appeared firm with a twist of irony. She knew this without touching them. Like his words, they'd be gentle while conveying more than his gaze or touch could express. She’d kissed men before, but the experience always left her feeling neutral, like stepping into a spa to find it lukewarm.
The slow, sexy smile that kicked one corner of his mouth up revealed even, white teeth, perfect and straight. What would they feel like nibbling on her flesh? “How did you know I was in trouble, and how did you know where to find me?” Her eyelids grew heavy when he reached up to cup her face. The imposing bulk of him drowned her in a wash of longing to explore every fine detail of his rough-hewn form. Like a rabbit caught in a snare, she held perfectly still, far too aware that he too was a predator, one with magical teeth.
“We have a lot to discuss. For now, you will sleep.”