Friday, September 2, 2016

Interview with Sara Jane Stone

Today, I am thrilled to welcome a wonderful romance author, Sara Jane Stone, to my blog for a glimpse into her exciting world and a sneak peek of her upcoming release, Mixing Temptation.


1.  From reading your bio – it sounds like you have a wonderfully supportive husband. Does he read your work? Offer suggestions/revisions?

SJS: I am very fortunate to have a husband who supports my writing. He rarely reads my stories, but he’s not much of a romance reader. But he is always willing to watch the kids when I’m on deadline. And he’s always open to discussing plot ideas for new stories.

2.  What has been your biggest challenge in your writing career?
SJS: Finding time to write all of the stories in my head! Sometimes I feel I need more hours in the day.

3.  Did your family/friends relate to you differently after you became published?
SJS: My kids started demanding cupcakes on release days. It took a couple of books, but they realized a new book is a reason to celebrate. And every reason to celebrate requires cupcakes to the six and under crowd! But aside from my kids, I haven’t noticed a difference.

4.  What is the best avenue you’ve found to reach/interact with your readers?
SJS: I love Facebook for interacting with readers. I try to check it every day and respond to all comments and messages.

5.  What advice (besides keep writing), would you offer aspiring writers?
SJS: Listen to criticism. I wrote a few really bad stories when I first started. But I was very fortunate to find an agent who liked my voice and was willing to work with me on the rest.

6. Do you ever find yourself in the middle of the grocery store, mall, etc. and solve a plot point or develop a new subplot, etc. Give us an anecdote.
SJS: Yes! I’ve written some of my favorite dialogue bits on the playground. I’m sure all of the other parents and caregivers wondered why I was talking to myself while chasing a toddler. Recently, I’ve found spin classes work well for plot issues. I plotted most of Caught in the Act (Independence Falls #2) on a stationary bike. I would run from the class and start typing my ideas into my phone.

7. Tell us about your latest work in progress.
SJS: On September 13th, I’m releasing the third and final installment in my Second Shot series. I honestly never planned to write this story. I’d sold a different idea to my publisher initially. But readers wanted to hear more about Caroline & Josh, side characters in the previous stories in the series. And I felt that Caroline needed a place in the spotlight. I’m sad to see the Second Shot series end. I had so much fun with these stories. Plus, this series kicked off with a free prequel novella, Running Wild, which is a great way for readers to see if they’d like to read the series.

Mixing Temptation (Second Shot #3) ~ Releasing September 13th

After a year spent living in hiding—with no end in sight—Caroline Andrews wants to reclaim her life. But the lingering trauma from her days serving with the Marines leaves her afraid to trust the tempting logger who delivers friendship and the promise of something more.

Following an accident that nearly robbed him of his hopes for the future, Josh Summers believes life has given him a second chance. He wants to settle down with the woman who stole his attention and his heart. And he’s willing to wait until she’s ready to be more than “just friends.” When fear of discovery leaves Caroline pretending to be his date, Josh tempts her to try the real thing—a relationship built on trust, not lies.

But then the past threatens and Caroline must risk everything—including her freedom—to bury her demons before she can take a chance on happy-ever-after.

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Meet Sara Jane Stone

Sara Jane Stone lives near New York's Hudson River with her very supportive real-life hero, two lively young children, a lazy Burmese cat, and a very active dog. When she is not finger painting with the kids, she loves writing sexy stories, staying up past her bedtime reading red-hot romance, and chatting with her readers on Facebook.

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