Thursday, September 3, 2015

Caviar Living On Fish Stick Money by Marilyn Whelan

Marilyn Whelan has worked as a reporter, a district supervisor in a first time youthful offenders program, and President of Shoppers Critique International.  

“Life must be a mixture of frugality and luxury.” -- Marilyn Whelan

Caviar Living is a hand guide of home-spun lessons from a life well lived. Marilyn Whelan shares her wisdom from how to connect with your community to how to play your mortgage like a game.

With short snappy chapters Whelan gives us tips and tidbits on:

·         Fun ways to teach your kids and grandkids about money

·         How to keep a clutter-free house – and why!

·         Creative ways to get a tax break

·         How to stretch a dollar on everything from real estate to creative vacations

Part budget guide, part spiritual manual, and a whole lotta charm, Caviar Living is a lifetime of lessons wrapped up in this 98-pages of fun.

Interview with the Author

1) Tell us more about this book?

This book can give you the push you need to grab a hold of your life and move it toward your dreams and desires. It gives you hints on organizing your home and your daily activities. It offers insider info on going to the next step.

2) Tell us about what you are working on now.

My life is my research. I am researching. In simplier terms, I am living life to the fullest. Everyday, I am learning something new which creates Caviar Living on a Fish Stick Budget.

3) Do you have a personal assistant? If so, what tasks do you designate to him/her?

The closest I have to a personal assistant would be my daughter, Ivy who lives near me. She is always there to assist me in every area of my life. She has never said no, whether I am in the kitchen or writing or involved in a far-fetched plan.

4) What books have most influenced your life/writing?

The Secret.  I am a big believer in The Law of Attraction.

5) From the start, what was your most successful tactic in expanding your reader base?

I bribed my friends.

6) How do you feel about single book contracts vs series book contracts from publishers?

I wish this was my problem. I am a self-published author so I am not working with a professional publisher

7) What has been your most successful avenue in book promotions?
It is using your contacts to make more contacts. The more people involved, the easier it is to spread the word.

8) How much  influence do you believe social media ( facebook, twitter ) plays in book promotions?
A lot, but it is short lived. When my book came out, I was inundated with comments and well wishes. I felt like a celebrity, but two days and it is old news.

9) Besides learning their craft and persistence, do you have any advice for other writers.
Find the right mentor, and be not afraid to leap.

Meet the Author

Marilyn Whelan has worked as a reporter, a district supervisor in a first time youthful offenders program, and President of Shoppers Critique International.  Her want is to die with something remaining on her bucket list, because when something is crossed off, something else is added.

Marilyn currently lives in Clearwater, Florida, where she is Granny to seven, and Great Granny to three. She loves to travel and plays Mah Jongg twice a week.

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