Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Sexy Saturday

Callie, an extraordinary genius raised in a Think Tank superstructure, has unique talents sought by scientists and terrorists alike.
When a botched rescue attempt leaves her stranded, mutilated and alone, she must turn to a stranger, Nate, an ex-Special Forces private investigator, to keep her from the clutches of terrorists, both foreign and domestic, while navigating the strange and murky lifestyle of the BDSM world.

Carnal Innocence
Thick tresses covered her face and failed to find any semblance of order. He could only guess at her features. Even so, the silken locks held him in thrall as they brushed against the back of his hands still holding her tight.
Soft and lustrous, they blunted his confusion over standing upright again. Nothing could’ve stopped him from bringing the satiny mane to his face. One whiff, a bouquet of exotic spices came to mind. Dear God. WTF?
Though she now stood directly in front of him, he still couldn’t discern her features. With great reluctance, he released the firm, small waist under his grip in anticipation of what he’d find under the wild mass of wavy mane.
For reasons unknown, reverence stayed his hand. In that twinkling of time, in this reality, nothing could match his imagination. He couldn’t bring himself to spoil the moment with anything less than perfection.
She must have felt it too. In raising her hand, it stopped midair, frozen, not spoiling the moment of faultless purity.
When time resumed, allowing her to reach up and part her hair, sweeping it aside, the first glimpse almost drove him to his knees.
A person’s visage is merely a composition of their features—eyes, nose, and mouth. Some wrinkled by age, others scarred by life or misarranged from genetics. This…was so much more. A glance away lacked the necessary time to clear his throat.

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