Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Sexy Saturday


This week in My Sexy Saturday, focus is on the sexy talk. Whether it’s whispered in the dark or proclaimed in front of friends, love talk will find a way to make itself known.

     In Shadowed Horizons, Kiera is a young psychic, raised by a band of paranormal warriors. Over the years, she’s learned to hold her own, in combat, surveillance, or honing her psychic talents.
When she’s tasked with guarding the life of a computer genius, she’s ill prepared for the sparks that fly. Unsure how to navigate the murky waters of romance, she takes refuge in the familiar, her warrior spirit.
     Carlin has lived a life on the electronic highway, pioneering a special technology that attracts the attention of a paranormal killer bent on mass annihilation.  From the moment his life is spared by a young female warrior, his sedate and predictable world is turned on its axis, and continues as he navigates the path of romance between her paranormal protectors.

  This can’t be happening! She pulled back in confusion. “I can’t do this, Carlin. I’m—not like this. I fight evil. It’s what I do.”
     “Yes, you can, and yes you do it well, but you’re also a woman. Don’t run from this, from us. Give us time to explore this.”
     He rested his forehead against hers, his heavy breathing mirrored the warm puffs against his cheek. He whispered. “God, I want you.”
     “Want me to do what?"  He just looked at her while a wolfish smile played about his lips. Lips she could spend the rest of her life kissing.
     “Nothing, baby, nothing. Tell me, was that your first kiss?”
     Oh, hell no. She’d not leave him thinking this was her first brush with romance. “No, of course   not. I’ve been kissed hundreds of times.” There, see how he likes that!
     “Hundreds of times, huh?” His disbelieving smile evaporated as he kissed her once more, leisurely, thoroughly. His tongue delved inside, merging them body and soul. A dance so intimate she didn’t think she’d survive. 

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  1. Very nice snippet, Reily. Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday.