Saturday, February 20, 2016

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday Week 129.

This week’s theme entails a look at the frustrating if humorous aspect of romance between Lukas and Sariel.

Fate will always have her say, whether vampire, witch, angel, or ghost.
As an ancient prophecy unfolds, Lukas, an ancient vampire, must join forces with an angel and witch to survive rare and unique demonic forces while navigating the murky waters of desire and betrayal, paranormal talents, and malevolent cunning.

   To soothe her, he traced his hands down her spine, molded her rear, and then lightly squeezed. “I will make you scream my name when you come.”

    “Come? Come where?”

    “When you climax, orgasm, fly to heaven.”

    “Ah, no. We’re not doing that either Lukas, though I’ve wondered what it felt like. Crystine would never discuss any details.” Her deep blush made his groin tighten … more.

    So, his Engel was inquisitive… Sliding easily into her thoughts confirmed his realization. She'd never experienced the pinnacle of sexual release. He knew her gaze darted around the room searching for anything to distract him. She tried to gain time to think, a chance to flee. He didn't want her fear yet couldn't back away. “Hmmm, my curious Engel. It is incredible. Every muscle in your body will spasm, sending fire to your most treasured center. And yes, Engel, you will scream my name.” His fingers drew a moan from her as they sketched up her flanks to cup the sides of her breasts.

    Like a cat shedding raindrops, she shook her head, her look incredulous. He let her push his hands away. “Are you kidding me? That sounds too much like a demon bite during your monthlies, so … no thank you. No wonder men like sex more than women.”

    This time when she shoved against his chest, he let her go. His shoulders shook from his deep rumbling laughter, his voice followed her fleeing steps. The fluid grace in each stride increased the pain in his groin. Soon, Sariel, soon. “Go, your meal will be ready. Mine won’t get cold.”