Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ashley Bell Dean Koontz

If given months to find the right words to describe this book, I would fail. 
First of all, I’m a Dean Koontz fan, period. But this tale wove such an intricate pattern of threads and in such a way that, A, it was easily followed, and B, it not only kept you turning the pages, but kept you guessing until the very last one.
Bibi, an energetic young woman, has a wonderful, and intricate depth to her personality. You don’t even realize it’s a paranormal book until you’ve been sucked into the story. Incredible imagery surrounds the complicated characters to paint perfect pictures as the story unfolds about a young writer with an inoperable brain tumor. Her valiant efforts to fight the disease is met with incredible resistance from an unfathomable source.
Paxton, a Navy Seal, shares an incredible connection with his fiance, Bibi. Overseas on a mission, he senses something wrong with the woman he loves.
Through the “dark” exercise, the author lets you see through Paxton’s eyes, experiencing what the Seal is seeing and feeling.
The romance is woven seamlessly in the web of convoluted events. By far, I think this is Dean Koontz’s best work.
I can’t wait to read the next.

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