Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Sexy Saturday week #86

This week’s post is all about those who have loved each other for a long time.

In Carnal Beginnings, Julien is a private investigator in love with his assistant. Since hiring her, he’s noted the signs and signals of her continued abuse. Over the past six months, he’s tried to develop a more personal relationship with her, yet she keeps him at arm’s length.
The moment he breaks through her emotional armor, he knows he has a chance…

Carnal Beginnings

    “Julien. From now on, just Julien. Okay? Besides, don’t you eat during the week, too?” As Julien unfolded his arms and leaned farther forward, her sudden intake of breath told him he’d scored.
     The rest of her body seemed to freeze in place. His forefinger under her chin brought her gaze up. Nothing could prepare him for the collision of their stares. Her wide fearful gaze blasted a figurative hole in his chest.
     “Breathe, Adara. Breathe.” He tried desperately to do the same. As usual, she flinched when he reached for her. He just couldn’t seem to connect with her on any level, least of all a physical one. A combination of confusion, curiosity, and fear warred for control in her expression, which drew out his instinct to protect and siphoned off some sexual energy. Dilated pupils to the point of nearly obliterating her irises resulted from an adrenalin rush… Fight or flight, Adara? He could almost hear the wheels of her brain struggling to grind.

* * * *

     “Um…” His green-eyed gaze locked her in place, breath sealed in her lungs. When her jaw dropped, he simply closed it with a finger under her chin. Simple, elegant, heart stopping.
     “I can’t breathe.” Panic took control of her mind, scalded reason into nonexistence. His proximity and touch sent her judgment into a tailspin. He’s just touching my face, for God’s sake. Yeah, something she’d secretly dreamed about since meeting him.
     His six-foot-four inch frame unfolded and towered over her. Jeez. She gulped. Her gaze darted wildly around his office as she blew out a series of short breaths.
     Taking her wrist, he placed her hand on his chest, then covered it with his. Her entire body trembled. The electrical current from his touch nearly dropped her to her knees and zapped him in return, judging by the expression of his widened eyes and quick intake of breath. The hard wall of his chest under her hand felt like slabs of muscle laid out side by side. It rippled under her fingers as she flexed them. The warmth of him pressing her hand tighter to his body lent little courage.
     Oh, to have the strength to run her fingers over that inviting expanse. Instead, she curled her fingertips against him again, watching his chest expand as he inhaled deeply. Where did that nerve come from? The beat of his heart under her palm increased, as did her own.

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  1. Wow! So much tension from a simple touch. Very nice snippet.