Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Sexy Saturday #87

This week's Theme is about women learning confidence in their sexiness.

In Carnal Beginnings, Adara is a young woman emerging from her cocoon. Years of abuse has followed her becoming an orphan at age fifteen. Though she's very efficient in her work, a social life is something she's never experienced until meeting Julien, who helps her transform her confidence to match her beauty.

Carnal Beginnings

     “I thought you’d want me to wear this—like around the house.” Adara fidgeted with the hem of her short skirt, situated just below her crotch. At least she thought she’d concealed her nether region, not having the nerve to look in the full-length mirror.
     Heat suffused her face when she glanced at the kitchen island and remembered her introduction to orgasm 101. Heat built between her thighs.
     “Adara. This is what you’ll wear tonight. You look beautiful.”
     At least he’s letting me wear nylons, even if the elastic bands are below my skirt hem. She’d never heard of thigh highs. She tugged on the hem again.
     “Stop fidgeting with the hem. Would you rather take it off and go without?” His warm smile eased the sting of his words.
     Oh, Jeez. His stern voice. “No.” Her voice squeaked. She clasped her hands together to keep them still.
     “Adara, strip. Now.” Despite the firmness of his voice, his expression softened, if only a little.

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