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A Sexual Education Novel
S.L. Jennings
Releasing Nov 10th, 2015
Avon Books

From New York Times bestselling author S.L. Jennings comes another scandalously sexy, incredibly hot story about a woman who knows what she wants...and the two men who are dying to give her what she needs.

Heidi DuCane is a tough-as-nails publicist with a passion for success and her husband Tucker. While they’re polar opposites, what they do have in common is a fierce love and commitment to each other. But their relationship-in and out of the bedroom-will be put to the ultimate test.

Rock superstar Ransom Reed is every woman’s fantasy, including Heidi’s. When she meets Ransom, she shares a wild night with him where Heidi gets to play-and Tucker watches, and enjoys, the pleasure Ransom gives Heidi. Though Tucker was a willing participant, Heidi still can’t help reeling with guilt. There’s no doubt that she loves her husband. While Tucker is the perfect lover-generous, attentive and gentle-she needs much more. She needs the mind-blowing ecstasy Ransom offers.

Tucker isn’t blind to the fact that Heidi has unconventional needs which he can’t satisfy. He loves his wife and will do anything to please her The night he watched her and Ransom was so scorching hot amnd Tucker can’t stop thinking about it. He decides he wants to join Ransom in pleasing Heidi. But as Tucker and Heidi soon realize, it’s not just the sex that is enticing. Heidi felt something within her awaken, and she felt so deliciously sated and loved by both men. Tucker felt it too, and he finds it impossible not to want that feeling again.

Ransom and Tucker satisfy a need within Heidi. And now that she’s had them, she can never go back to the way things were before.

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 “I dare you…to let me touch your wife.”
An audible gasp escapes my kiss-swollen lips and turn to Tucker, awaiting his wrath. He returns Ransom’s intent stare, his expression unreadable. Yet, the younger man doesn’t back down, cocking a challenging brow at Tuck’s silence. He remains unmovable, a master at the art of restraint from his years as a shrink. No doubt he’s had to answer some odd questions, but never any involving his wife.
“I don’t let Heidi do anything. She has her own mind…her own body.”
“So maybe I should be asking her.” A sinister smile on his lips, Ransom angles his focus on me. “Heidi, would you let me touch you?”
My first reaction is to say no—hell no. But Tucker quickly grasps my knee, capturing my attention.
“This is what you want,” he whispers. “He…is what you want. And I can accept that. This is your fantasy, baby. Let me help you make it come true.”
I search his face, waiting for him to break into laughter, but he’s completely serious. My husband is telling me to let another man put his hands on me—his wife. This isn’t right. This isn’t what married people are supposed to do. But even as that rational part of my brain lists all the reasons why I shouldn’t allow this to go any further, my body is already tingling with anticipation. My face and chest are flush. My nipples harden in exhilaration. And my mouth waters with the prospect of tasting Ransom’s skin.
Oh, God. I do want this. And now the decision is mine and mine alone.
“So?” Ransom asks, awaiting our fate.
Say no.
Say no.
Grab Tucker’s hand and get the fuck out of here. Go home and make love to him. Let that kind, good, gentle man be enough.
Once again, Ransom Reed steals the truth from my lips, forcing me to abandon all decency and sanity. Making me take the sanctity of my marriage and soil it with my own slick arousal.
In one single breath, I shatter ten years of devotion, trust and love. And although I know what I’m destroying by lighting this fire, I can’t do much more than stand back and watch it all go up in flames.

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  Character Interview with  Heidi

1. Have you ever been involved in a m̩nage-type relationship before? If so Рis Tucker aware?

Definitely not. Before Tucker, I couldn’t trust anyone, let alone offer my body to two people at once. And in my line of work, acting on silly fantasies just isn’t an option. Honestly, I had suppressed all fantasies…until now.

2. Tell us about the conversation in approaching this wild night? Who instigated it?

It honestly wasn’t something we planned, and I was surprised to find that not only was Tucker receptive, he was encouraging. Funny what a simple Date Night can turn into when you deal with sexy-as-sin rockers.

3. Describe in detail (with anecdotes), Tucker’s personality?

Comforting, encouraging, understanding, patient, restrained. He’s always been my constant, even since undergrad when he was merely my therapist. Getting involved with a student was completely out of his character, but I think I reminded him of his own fantasies. I remember feeling like I was always pushing him to be bad. Like dealing with me was somehow sullying his virtue. It was exciting… I was exciting. And it was like…he liked being corrupted. The more I tempted him, the more he tried to resist, only so he could give into me. Tucker likes to walk on the wild side. He just doesn’t want anyone to know.

4. How do you come to grips with Tucker’s guilt over not “being enough” for you?

I hate that I’ve hurt him, and I’ve beat myself for years trying to be satisfied with only him because I truly love him with all my heart. But at some point, after being made to feel like something is wrong with you for wanting more, you give into the desire to be made whole. You can’t deny yourself of what your body so desperately needs any longer.

5. Is Ransom involved with others?

With me, not that I know of. I wouldn’t be surprised, considering…
Now? You’d have to ask him.

6. What would you do if/when Ransom decides this lifestyle isn’t to his taste.

I’d respect him, just as I’d hope he’d respect my wishes. Ransom is a good kid. But my husband will always be my husband.

S.L. Jennings is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance, reality TV junkie, obsessive coffee drinker and collector of crazy.

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