Saturday, August 8, 2015

My Sexy Saturday

This week’s  theme:  Late Summer Sexy

Experience gives us many ways to interpret life and the varied situations in which we find ourselves. In Carnal Innocence, a young lady raised in a near-sterile environment has never developed the social skill from exposure to normal everyday life. Most would consider her a “late bloomer.”

In Carnal Innocence, Callie is an extraordinary genius raised in a Think Tank superstructure. A botched rescue attempt hurls her into a world of spies and terrorists while leaving her to adapt to a sexual mutilation that will last her lifetime.

Nate, an ex-Special Forces private investigator, is unprepared for cyclone Callie sideswiping his life during a meet and greet at his BDSM club. After an old team mate is assassinated, he must ferret out a traitor while keeping Callie from the radicals’ clutches.

From their first meeting, Callie embodies an otherworldly aura, with mysteries neither his heart nor mind can refuse to unravel as he helps them navigate a world of sensual exploration and betrayal.

Carnal Innocence


“Why can’t I walk down the steps, Nate?”
 “Never argue or question my orders. We’re starting your preliminary groundwork now. You need a few weeks to heal before we move on to more advanced instruction and practice, but this is where we start.”
“Now? With all that’s happening?”
“Of course. Fate is not going to deny our plans. We’ll just adapt to fit.”
“So, what do we do first?”
“Now, I feed you.” The astonished look accompanying her jaw opening made him smile. Yep, he was going to train her how to be spoiled and pampered, along with integrating her with his team. It was time to work the squad’s rust spots out anyway.
 In retrospect, he’d always enjoyed training a new sub. This however, would entail a dynamically tailored plan to coincide with her evolving knowledge and recovery.

Release Date September 1, 2015  Extasy Books

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