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Capturing the Muse by Madison Avery

In this mixed genre, erotica collection, Capturing the Muse, find out just how far these writers are willing to go to gain back their creativity, or keep it from shattering their perfect world. 

In this mixed genre, erotica collection, Capturing the Muse, find out just how far these writers are willing to go to gain back their creativity, or keep it from shattering their perfect world. 
Through tragedy, life lessons, mentorship, and even a hint of the paranormal, these writers will find one thing in common, steamy romance comes with consequences.
    Luck Be a Penny:
A bestselling author is unable to finish her series, and figures out the kindness she shows to a stranger can unleash more than just the plot to her upcoming book.
Dances with Muses:
One writer discovers the prince charming she created might just be better than the real thing. But coping with her delusions of the perfect romance interfere with the reality of real life.
Filling in the Blanks:
When a Muse doesn’t know she’s lost, a connection with a writer yearning for inspiration, brings her story to life.
Bookstores and Dreams:
Believing a "how-to guide" is the key to her success, a burgeoning writer will have to trust a handsome bookstore owner when a devastating accident turns her life upside.
Beneath the Inhibitions:
A depressed author collides with a prolific editor during a literary conference. And a one-night-stand becomes a source for new material, and regaining her confidence. 
Capturing the Muse, Volume 1 in the Courting the Muse Series, will leave you breathless, aroused and inspired.


From “Beneath the Inhibitions”
    Piper wandered through the empty hotel, and the further she got from the party, and Gavin, the sicker she felt. The loss of connection pulled her muse away again, just as she wondered, was it really that simple? Yet a cruel joke? The irony of the situation caused her to laugh out.
    Suddenly, she knew how to get her muse back.
    Maybe she'd known all along and didn't take it for what it was. She'd have to do something unimaginable. Release inhibitions she kept locked away tight, and for once, simply indulge in what she wanted most but never allowed herself to have.
    A night of unadulterated bliss. No strings attached. She wanted to be taken the way the women in novels were, but could never bring herself to write about. In part, because she'd never experienced something so spontaneous and out of character. That's why she'd turned down her muses relentless suggestions to switch genres. How could she write about something that she knew nothing about?
    Her experimentations, when it came to anything outside the norm, weren’t winning her any awards in the risqué department. Hell, she'd never done it on anything that wasn't a bed. Maybe this was just the push needed to step outside her comfort zone. Way outside it. Gavin was apparently taken by her, being flirtatious and asking, in more ways than one, if she'd accompany him up to his room. And she, undoubtedly, was attracted to him, the muscles in her stomach tightened merely at the thought. New warmth spread over her cheeks, at the possibility of his hands exploring her body, his lips kissing the gentle contours of her skin.   
    Yes, she was more than a little attracted to him, it turned out. Just the idea of his body pressed against hers sent a surge of desire through her, awakening even the most sensitive parts of herself.

Meet the Author

Madison Avery doesn't kiss and tell. Except when it comes to writing. She lives in Red Deer, Alberta, where she spends way too much time reading, writing and avoiding house work.
Capturing the Muse is her first foray into the world of erotica, but where she feels right at home.
You can find Madison, and her counterpart, Yong Adult Novelist, Avery Olive, on many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter (@AveryOlive), Tumblr, Goodreads and on her website,, which is currently under construction  

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