Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Second Chance at Paris - Review

A Second Chance at Paris - Review
Cole McCade
Contemporary Romance,  Published Jan. 24, 2015 
Absolutely fantastic author.

     Dr Celeste London grew from a gangly, dorky teenager into a brilliant astrophysicist in Bayou's End, New Orleans. Being a nerd in high school came complete with the name Hairy Mary.
 Ion, the wild, intelligent, gypsy boy she'd loved from afar in high school developed his flair for words into a successful series of young adult fiction books. Unfortunately he'd been too nervous to declare his love for the girl who later inspired his writing career.
     In a chance meeting in Paris ten years later, Ion doesn't recognize the girl he'd loved and debated with in high school. Now, after a week of  romance, he still hasn't guessed her real identity.
     Like the last book I read by this author, this one was very well written with great detail and imagery. A delightful story line that will give you one heck of a book hangover since you won't be able to put it down.
     There were, however, two things I found a little disconcerting. One, Mary's father, for whom she'd provided physical care, had Alzheimer's advanced enough such that they didn't leave him alone. Yet Mary flies to Paris without seeing him settled first.  The other, Ion doesn't recognize Mary after a week of sleeping together. My point - ten years from say, a small child to eighteen years of age could bring a lot of physical changes (facial, etc.) such that one might not recognize a former friend. But the changes in facial structure/voice, etc. from age 18 to 28 shouldn't be so great as to not recognize a person once loved.
     Still, this was a great story. The author's writing style is fantastic. I will definitely read more.

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