Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Sexy Saturday

     This week’s theme is all about the things lovers do to and for each other. What is sexier than a man who will stand beside you yet determined to protect you from harm?  A man who will do that, love you and teach you to not fear the things that have terrified you for years.
     In Carnal Beginnings, Adara is a young woman who’s been abused by her adopted family since she was fifteen. She seeks freedom. Julien is a sexually dominant, private investigator determined to set her free.

Carnal Beginnings
Warning:  This book contains explicit sexual scenes and violence

  “Let’s break it down to legal and physical, okay? Legally, we’ll have all your assets tied up in trust funds so that if you married, even your husband couldn’t touch them.”
  “I know you mentioned this, but is that possible? Besides, they’ll just think they can kill me and inherit that way.”
  “Not if they know you have a will—one that excludes them. We’ll see my attorney in the morning. He can take care of the legal end. On the other hand, physically, I know you couldn’t fight them. We could make it clear that you’re now under my protection.”
  “You’d do that? For me? Long term?”
  “Sure. I could help you in other areas, too…like how to relax around men.”
  “You have a lot of experience with women. I’ve um, never been with a man before—of my own free will. I never will. It’s one thing to kiss one, but the rest of it? No thanks.”
  “Oh, sweetheart, did you just throw down a gauntlet? Really? Bet I can change your mind.”

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