Friday, May 8, 2015

My Sexy Saturday week # 91

 This week's theme is all about finding love regardless of the circumstances. Whether we've loved and lost our most precious other half or never felt the impact of our soul mate.  In Carnal Beginnings, Adara has never known the kind touch of a man. After six months of infatuation and a slight push from her boss, she decides to take the leap and explore her femininity.

Carnal Beginnings
      She thought about what he’d said. “I remember when my parents were alive, life was so much different. I actually wanted to have a boyfriend. Then they died and everything changed.” She frowned as the oily darkness of her abuse crept in from the periphery of her mind, staining her reality.
     “Wow, that must’ve been a tense thought, Adara. Let’s have it.” Again, he pulled her away from the darkness.
     “Just that, I knew if I’d gone home the other night, they’d have raped me again. That’s why I wouldn’t go.
     "If I’m going to have sex, from now on I’ll decide with who, and when. And I’m not going to be scared.”
     He gave her a gentle hug. “Damn straight. That’s my girl.”
     Her gaze briefly flicked to his, the corners of her mouth turning up from the warmth in his eyes. My girl? “Before my parents died, I used to dream someday I’d love a man, and he’d protect me, take care of me, and encourage me to follow my own dreams. When they died, I realized I’d indulged in nothing more than just a warm and wonderful fantasy. Tony and Gary taught me their darkest truths when they came after me. Their reality exerted itself and brought me into their world…one filled with nothing but evil.”
     “Adara, it’s not fantasy, people do live their dreams. It takes effort, but still it’s worth it. Consider yourself free to find new hope, a new life.” She leaned her head into his fingers as he stroked her cheek. It seemed he now knew every aspect of her life, as well as her mind.

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  1. Very nice snippet, Reily. Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday!